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E-mail us at or feel free to call 606-875-5610 with any questions that you may have about our services. Also we are always open for your comments or suggestions (As long as they bring glory to the kingdom of God) We are always looking for better ways of serving of you as unto the Lord. Thank you, God bless and keep you is our prayer. Your servants in His service: Gibson Hill Music

We would like to share with our visitors some of the writers that we have been working with for the last several years, as well as some new ones that have just signed with us. We pray these "Song Samples" are a blessing to you, and if they are...use our contact e-mail to let us know (positive feedback is what we are looking for, constructive criticism only please.) These particular samples are from our first national release of the Gibson Hill Music "Comp Disc Vol. 1" and was sent out to 100 full time gospel radio stations, dedicated to our dear friend Joe Hummer, (one of our writers) who died unexpectedly in 2006.

If you are a Recording Artist and are open for some material to put onto your new "project" please feel free to shop around and listen to "Catalog Clips" most of our artists and Songwriter's have "soundtracks of their songs" so a "full demo" is no problem at all.
This page is still under construction please be patient with us and we should have these links available very soon.

Writer-Charles Mathers "Jesus Is The Rock That Just Won't Roll"

Another one by brother Charles "I Can Do Nothing Alone"

"Song of the Gospel Road"

Songwriting team of Joe Hummer (now gone-on to meet his great reward) Mark Ellis and Heather Duncan. (first up)

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem"

Glory Train

Writer-Bob Pruitt (along with their band "Blessed and Forgiven")

One Drop of Blood

Writer- Randy Gene

I'm no chicken anymore

Writer-Chuck Gibson (your's truly:)

No Doubt about it!

New Writer's

Staff Writer-Jamie Schmitt a very dear friend (we used sing and write together 30 years ago) now reunited with a rekindled friendship, as well as being brother's in the Lord! I have ask him to be our first staff writer...We have just recorded a song that we wrote together over 30 years ago! (stay tuned for that one) but here is one that we published for him just recently.
There is ONE who is greater

Writer-Joseph Beggs is a missionary in Northern Ireland (our first international writer!) we praise God for this young man, he is a Songwriting machine! He recently sent me over 50 songs for review. Here is one that I would love to do a recording on myself, and was featured in our October Newsletter.
Thorn upon a Rose

Let the heart (featured in the November Newsletter)

Some songwriter’s may think their efforts end with writing the song. Or they believe that by signing a record contract, or a publishing contract, they’re home free Waiting for the royalty checks to start rolling in. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Every step along the way to a successful record takes a team effort, and the songwriter needs to be a knowledgeable member of the team. Others know that it is necessary to go on to get their song(s) recorded, published, copy written, listed, distributed, (marketed) promoted, and in the media, through, radio, television, and now over the Internet.

Like all artists, songwriters are vulnerable and sensitive. When they create, and when the creative phase of the work is over, it’s time to do the business end of the music business. Recognizing the need to change gears before entering the business cycle is one of the major ingredients in successful artistic careers. We don’t want to go out there fragile and unprotected and immediately get squashed. For more information on changing gears go to our publishers page. Gibson Hill Music

You can find us here:

Gibson Hill Music
70 Gibson Ln

Monticello, 42633

Phone: +1 606/3064312 +1 606/3064312


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